Making Space for Your Highest Love

You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically to say "no" to other things. And the way to do that is having a bigger "yes" burning inside. The enemy of the "best" is often the "good". - Stephen Covey Even though it may feel nicer to have... Continue Reading →


Memories fade. The most profound experiences of yesterday are reduced to the foggy recollections of today. Nothing, no matter how dear, can be held on to for too long on Earth. Time passes and takes with it everything you have and a day shall come when it takes your life. And yet we go on... Continue Reading →

The Warring Opposites

If your two hands are at war with each other, it matters not to you whether the right wins and the left loses or the left wins and the right loses, because to you it means all the same - an even result. When you and your enemy are at war, it matters not to... Continue Reading →

Together for a While

Destiny brings people together for a cause and once their purpose together is dispensed with, they part again. All relationships are transient, including those between lovers, friends or family. The wise say you are in a relationship even with your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, values, emotions, desires, likes and dislikes .... everything that is really external... Continue Reading →


I have been wandering since as long back as I can remember. I have walked through life almost absent to my physical surroundings, as if chasing an elusive scent only I have picked in air laden with the familiar fragrances of town and city life, moving along first one path and then another, making no... Continue Reading →


She is like a breeze of cool, fresh air Like a white lotus blossom on a muddy pond Like the calm come after a mighty storm Like a channel of peace, composed, benign Like a beholder of wisdom through fathomless eyes Like a frail feather of endless quiet Carried by the winds in their arms... Continue Reading →

Dying Embers

Dying embers Think again of a life fully lived Of a soul set aflame with love An all consuming love Fire that burns to the end of time When the lovers shall unite Refusing to be doused At her lord's behest Though the bride shall try her best For love of play and fear of... Continue Reading →

Labour of Love

Do what your heart, not head, is in. Love alone makes good work, mental considerations are a poor substitute for it. It's not always easy to untangle the wants, cans and shoulds in our lives. If you are feeling conflicted, go by what you most deeply feel for. If you can't mentally figure it out,... Continue Reading →


“And though I never knew thee, my Lord With thee shall I in pure being lie And with thy voice eternal, sigh Over hill and dale, on seas, in skies”, Thus spoke a blossom to another Though she could be heard no more Hark! Listen with your heart and you May still hear her chant... Continue Reading →

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